Meet @juliaoravisto, the founder of @bayhelsinki.

You might already know this inspiring brunette beauty who successfully turned her dreams into a reality by combining her former life as a bohemian beach soul with her passion for wellness by starting a tropical-like yoga-oasis up in the Nordics.

Curious to know more about her lifestyle, we shared a morning coffee on a sunny summer Sunday – now get to know her journey from the beaches of Australia to achieving the dreamy way of living she swears by today.


1. Wellness entrepreneur on the outside, bohemian beach soul on the inside – tell us more about how you got to where you are now? 

I have finally settled happily back to Helsinki. I spent my twenties more or less by the beach – first in Australia, teaching Pilates for seven years and  before that, surfing in Peru, Ecuador, Morocco and France. I wanted to bring together the lifestyle that I loved and got used to over there and to create a kind of a wellness bubble in Katajanokka, my favourite island in Helsinki. Through this I get to combine my interest in branding, design, wellness and travel.

2. Is there a story behind the name Bay Helsinki?

There sure is! I lived in a coastal town in Australia called Byron Bay for several years. Byron is known for it’s beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle, which is made up of yoga, healthy food, good vibes and the ocean. The aim was to bring to Helsinki a part of what Byron Bay represents to me.

3. What did you learn about life in Australia? 

I think that a major part of my personality was molded during that time into who I am now. I like to think that I am a positive, open and social human being and that these traits were enforced during my time in AUS. On the other hand, I became aware of my introversion, compared to most Australians I encountered with and I learned to appreciate that side to me too.

4.You have both lived in and traveled to some beautiful destinations – which locations are the most special ones?

Sometimes you need to go far to see what’s near – I love sailing with my dad and never get used to the beauty of the Finnish archipelago.

5. Which destination is next on your bucket list?

I would love to see the countryside of Japan.

6. When packing, what is the first thing you put in the suitcase? 

My Kindle.

7. We share the love for the ocean, distant cultures and conscious living – what’s your best tip for sustainable traveling?

When possible, I try to carry a reusable water bottle that filters the water instead of buying heaps of plastic ones. Also, I think it’s important to support local businesses when travelling.

8. How would you describe your style?

EASY. I love outfits, that you can where to different occasions with a tiny modification. I became really good at it when living by the beach in Byron – changing from Pilates teacher to beach style, to coffee dates, back to teaching, then ending up for sunset drinks.. I try to do the same now that I live in the city (minus the beach of course).

9. Favorite quote?

Today is the tomorrow of yesterday. (Saying this reminds me to stay present and not stress about the past or future)

10. What or who is your biggest inspiration? 

My late Grandmother, who still inspires me with her elegance, warm heartedness and sense of style. She was a creative multi-talent, who loved food and travel and was able to turn it into a successful career in many different ways.

11. What is your favourite past-time when not in the studio?
I love being home with my boyfriend, cooking and watching movies or reading books.

12.If you could give one piece of advice to any girl working on making their dreams come true?

Surround yourself with likeminded people and don’t give up even in the most challenging moments, because if you work hard and keep your goal in mind, the day will come when all the hard work will be rewarded!

13. What kind of role curiosity had to play with where you are now?

I think a curious and open mind are key to where I am now. For me, learning to listen to what drives me in life, what I am passionate about and what inspires me, has been imperative to where I am now. It’s often a physical feeling, not always a rational one.

14. Your favourite Rumeur piece and colour? 

The Halo one piece in Fig 

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