The name represents the endless, intriguing opportunities in life and the curiosity for the unknown: french for "rumour", it represents all the possibilities in life that may or may not be, or become true.



The most essential part of us. Our small family-owned manufacturer is located in Denpasar, the heart of Bali. The whole team is paid above average wages with paid sick leave, family health insurance, bonuses and annual leave, working on weekdays from 9-17, just like the most of us. In addition, the facilities are toddler-proof and a home for 10 local rescue dogs. Not only do we share the value of fair and ethical work conditions, but also the interest to keep plastic waste in minimum. 

All our products are hand made and hand printed in Bali. A source of inspiration and home to many resort- and boutique labels, the manufacturing traditions on this special island are long and know-how strong. The textile industry is shaped by a community of small businesses, family owned factories, traditional handmade techniques and artisan skills passed down generations - ideal for small quantities with quality and soul. Before landing in your wardrobe, every piece takes a journey in the hands of skilful professionals, leaving the legacy running in the garment. This is the kind of production culture we believe in.


LINEN - Often considered as one of the oldest and most desired fabrics for holiday wear, linen is one of the strongest and most durable of natural fibres. Made from the flax plant, it is completely biodegradable and takes almost no pesticides or water to grow. It keeps you cool in the heat, and warms you up in the cold. The best feature, in our opinion, is how it lives with you: the more you use and wash your linen garments, the softer and better they get.

RAYON - Neither a natural or a synthetic fibre, rayon is a circular wood pulp fabric that biodegrades faster than cotton and leaves no microfibres in our oceans. As a highly absorbent fibre, it keeps you cool when things are about to get hot, making it ideal for flowy summer pieces. We are continuously working on the sustainability of our rayon to find alternatives manufactured with more environmentally friendly chemicals and with less impact on deforestation. 

ECONYL® - All our swimwear is made out of ECONYL® fabric. This revolutionary fibre is regenerated from pre-and post-consumer waste such as plastic bottles, fishing nets and fabric scraps collected from the oceans and landfills. Instead of floating around in our oceans, the waste is given a second life in the form of soft and high quality fabric that is not only good for the planet, but also twice as resistant to chlorine and sunscreen products over standard swim fabrics allowing your swimwear a longer life span. Read about ECONYL® here.